Haven 5 <The dream broke >

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Devon, did you know Kwame is married?

Devon looked at his little cousin. She seriously looked messed up. Not from the tangled hair, swollen eye and bandaged arm.

He could tell something was broken and off.

He sighed.

Maybe I should call Mugha for you?

Amy snapped up at him with wild eyes and begun shaking her head.

Shaking my head even hurts. Ugh

What happened to you A? You know you had be worried showing up here looking like this, and you won’t even talk…. Has Kwame got something to do with this?

Oh Devon please let this go

Amy talk to me. Please

She slowly got up, careful not to wince in front of him. He would probably lose it and force her to sit back down so they could talk.

Devon. I only want to stay here a few days.

He rose to his feet too.

Stay as long as want. But please tell me what is going on with you.

I don’t even know where to start-
There was a knock at the door and Devon opened it to find Djan with a pizza box.

You ordered pizza Amy?

Well not really

I asked Djan to help me get my car… I don’t know why he has that.

Djan smiled.

I thought you might be hungry.

He stepped in as Devon shut the door behind him.

Thanks Djan but I don’t think I can eat anything.

I can’t even get myself together.

So what happens to your favourite pizza then?

Djan holds up the pizza box in question.

Devon could you please put it in the fridge?

Djan honestly I can’t thank you for the thought. I will eat it when I get better.

Djan nods gently.

Well what can he say? Sweet and gentle Djan. Always there to listen. Always watching. Always helpful.

Okay. Thats great Amy but does that mean you won’t eat till then?

Devon quizzed.

Amy’s shrug didn’t seem to satisfy him but before he could begin a lecture on being healthy, Djan dropped Amy’s keys on the center table.

Your car keys, Amy. It is parked outside.

Amy forced a smile.


You have been more than good to me.

Actually, I ran into your former roommate from campus…

Amy’s smile dropped as Djan struggled to recollect.


Amy looked away.

She seemed pretty upset.

More like super pissed.

Djan thanks for everything. I do have to rest.

Amy limped into the bedroom as Djan watched her worriedly. Devon noticed Djan’s expression.

You like her don’t you?

Djan shakes his head.

Nothing to be ashamed of. My cousin is a good girl. Where did you meet her?

Djan smiled

Back on campus. We took classes together from first year.

Devon burst in laughter.

Dude! And you never said anything for that long?!


Amy couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t lie on the bed. Her hurting body and thoughts running wild wouldn’t let her.

She carefully dropped herself unto the floor and propped her back against the corner wall.

A moan escaped her lips as pain shot through her banadaged arm.

Damn. Mugha really did take her Tae Kwondo seriously.

Her phone begun to buzz. Truecaller identified the number as Kwame’s.

He was the last person she wanted to speak to. Maybe to Mugha, she would have to explain things to her.

But what would I say?

Hi Mugha. I am sorry I didn’t know you married Kwame after uni. He and I were in high school together, before I met you. Kwame of my high school dream. I had no idea the Kwame you spoke over the phone as the cheat of a husband was the same Kwame I was weak for.

I’m sorry you had to find us like that. I am sorry you don’t believe me to be speaking the truth. I am surprised as you are.

Because just like you, we both didn’t know who Kwame is. My high school dream of a love isn’t true.


Haven 4<>

Kwame was grinning at her.

Amy that car is mine.

She stuttered.

You should check the license plate.

She forced a smile that faltered as he turned away to answer a call. She quickly went to the back of the car. He was right.

But of course he was.

Look. Look. Look.

I’d call you back ok?

I said I will call you!

She looked up to see him yank at his tie nervously.

He turned back to her. The smile returned.


Amy hung her head.

Yes. But I left my car right here…

Kwame chuckled.

Amy they probably towed it to the other end of the carpark. This is reserved for our company management.

She couldn’t hide her frown.

Ooo. So now I have to walk 5 more minutes in these painful stilettos?

I will walk you

Wait-what? She looked at him in the face and her heart picked a pace.

Is his face sparkling? How come he looks like some mini god with his briefcase?

Please don’t tell me no, Amy. It has been since that high school dinner I got to walk you anywhere

Her eyes widened with disbelief.

Ah, he remembers?

Now she found herself later that evening clad in a towel and cuddling with him. Beyoncè’s you had me at hello line was ringing loudly in her ears.

This high school dream.

She almost chuckled to herself out of overwhelming happiness.

What are you thinking about Amy?

She could feel his finger climbing up her spine.

What I’m thinking about is I can’t believe this is happening

She smiled to herself as he came to the bottom of her neck.

The door to the room opened. Then just like that. It ended.

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Haven 3 <>

It has been long but we shall and must continue with Haven…


The forced fake smile was hurting her cheeks.

Heard you got the job here.

Oh wow. How is it this is happening?

The question must have shown on her face.

Your cousin Devon passed on the info.

Oh Devon.

I could really hurt you right now.

Amy could only nod.


The elevator tinged as the door opened and two people got on.
Oh God no.
Kwame stepped closer and she could really hear her stomach squelch.


She couldn’t look at him anymore.


Awkward silence. Couldn’t this elevator go any faster?

The doors opened and Amy lept out and ran to her car.

Her phone buzzed in her hands. The caller id was Devon.


She tried jamming the key into the keyhole.

Hey Amy.

I’m sorry I told your parents.

She shrugged.

It’s okay. It’s done.

The key wasn’t turning in the hole. She frowned.

I didn’t know you didn’t want the job. But why come for the interview and do a good job?

She kept jamming the key into the hole. It still wasn’t working.

Because Ma got the interview spot for me. You know how’d she be on my neck if I didn’t go.

She paused and inhaled sharply.

Plus, I thought I did a really bad job.

Devon laughed.

The director loves your volunteering at other countries.

The key wasn’t still turning in the lock.

Devon, let me call you back I have to open my car door. It’s stuck a little.

The smell hit her nose again.

Maybe because it isn’t your car?

She turned to face Kwame.

I wish I could show you~Chapter 3

Hello, As we have now crossed into the second half of the year, I have decided to post more consistently. Please expect more frequent pieces from me and hold me to it. 😊The murder story is in the works and will be up here soon. Cheers.

I opened my eyes to receive the feel of the full impact of the pounding headache that lurked beneath my skull. My eyeballs recoiled in the light and my body whimpered, fearing to leave the comfort of my armchair.

I forced myself to rise to the bathroom. Where I groggily stared in the mirror at my reflection. Some night huh? The person in the mirror eyed me warily back. After splashing water on my face, I returned to my hall and realized I didn’t lock my door. I sighed and headed to lock it. People were milling about outside as I peeped through the side window. It is a wonder I didn’t get robbed.

Returning back to by armchair, I stretched my legs on my only coffee table. The wood was chipped in many places and the paint was peeling off, but I didn’t care. The intricate designs on the surface I loved so much were still there, although they were now highlighted by many fruit juice and wine stains.

My mind jogged back to my dream as the call to my name sounded very familiar. I pushed that aside, mentally and mused over the news Guy broke to me. This wasn’t good at all. Well, cancer has never been good news I reminded myself –maybe to the devil,yes but not those who experience it and especially their relations, like me.

I groaned as I raked my fingers through my messed up hair. Why cancer of all ailments? Why not something really curable? Like malaria? Then I shuddered recalling a documentary I watched on malaria. A woman who hadn’t treated her daughter early enough was now left with a child who was permanently mentally damaged. Another family had lost their son, altogether. Maybe chickenpox, a voice in my mind suggested. But I remembered that chickenpox if not caught in childhood but adulthood could be fatal. My dad’s case months back was a lucid example. “This is too much” I muttered out loud.

I shook of more unnerving thoughts and picked up my phone. Guy didn’t call back. He probably guessed it would have been useless. There were text messages from him, though.

BOL: You know, come to think of it, when you asked how long I realized you were asking how much time I had before I’d die. I think the doctors said half a year minimum? But said I would get worse in two months or so, so I would probably be hospitalized by then.

BOL: I am sorry for not telling you earlier

BOL: Look on the bright side, you are the only person apart from my family that knows. Sasha doesn’t even have a clue.

I rolled my eyes over his claims of finally figuring out my question from last night. As I continued reading, I shuddered when I saw the statement “I’d die”, really? I asked myself. He has lost all hope already. Using a tone that he must do it –it is a high probability a voice reminded me. In 8 weeks he would be stuck in bed and stay there suffering for 4 months until he’s six feet under the voice jeered. My eyes watered and I wiped them as I smiled at his apology.

Sasha, his girlfriend would most probably dump him when she found out and then spread the word along to everybody she knew. Guy knew that very well and mostly likely planning to break up with her first. If it were not for the most unlikely turn of events for my best friend I would have laughed and celebrated with glee for him; finally drawing up the strength from who knows where to end the relationship.

It didn’t help that Guy was sincerely fond of the girl he grew up with. I only stepped in the picture a few years ago, when their dating was picture perfect. Everyone who knew them believed they were the shining pragmatic example of the telenovela series on television. Their families were well acquainted with each other and well aware of their children’s relationship. It really looked like they would marry each other.

I wish I could show you~ Chapter 2


I got some questions yesterday as to how true this. It is made up. I will mention I had a friend who got really sick. But he was a drama queen and he turned out totally fine. To answer questions on haven, I shall continue it. I hope you like this…


Her eyes widened and she choked at the reality, over done by her wild imagination, as terrifying images flashed in her mind’s eye. She had called to find out if it was true. Her mind knew it was but her heart just couldn’t accept it.

She moaned as she staggered almost loosing balance to join the ground face first.

“What was happening?” she asked herself

“Pull yourself together!” her common sense self commanded.

She gingerly placed the phone next to her ear and shut her eyes as she asked,

“How long?”

A sigh of relief escaped him.She was still there.

“Well about three months since I have known”

Her eyes popped open as she trembled for a different reason. She paused.

“Its been THREE MONTHS SINCE YOU KNEW you were DYING and you DIDN’T TELL ME?”, she screeched.

He winced. This was not going as he expected at all.

There was dead silence.


“WHY?” she barked.

“Because you thought I couldn’t handle this? Wow what a friend you are- huh? So if it hadn’t been now to tell me, when?”

“Um-”,he began

“Wait, let me guess” she interrupted

“When you were on YOUR death bed! Or better yet when I had been called to attend YOUR FUNERAL!”

“Nani, please calm down” He managed to edge in

“Oh, shut up!” she commanded.

After a moment of silence, she spoke.

“You suck, you know that, right?”

“Yes, know I am sorry. I didn’t want you to be different. You’d act different if you knew and I didn’t want that. Everyone here at home has walking on eggshells around me-”

“I mean, who gets Cancer?!” she shouted

There was click as the line went dead. He sighed and put his phone down. She didn’t want to hear him talk anymore. She was so angry. She bumped into her door. She cursed silently as her throbbing head signaled her to insert her key into the lock. She found herself in her dark hall.

Not bothering to switch on the lights, she sunk into her patched adinkra decorated armchair, briefly wondering how she had made it here. She closed her eyes and begun to dream.

She was falling in a never ending tunnel. She couldn’t see in the darkness that enveloped her. It was so thick she couldn’t see her hand as she waved it curiously before her face. Swirls of green, mauve, interwined with fuchsia, yellow and maroon opened a tunnel ahead. It was like she was swimming through it, heading toward the horizon. Suddenly she found herself tilting, lying on her back and facing a dark sky. It looked like it was about to rain. The water she lay in was kaleidoscopic reflecting a strange warm she felt within her. She didn’t notice an approaching wave till it caught her face first.

Expecting a huge pound, she closed her eyes and opened them to find herself standing at a familiar crossroad junction she often commuted. From the left someone was calling her name, on the right another was crying. From where she stood, she walked straight ahead ignoring the calls and cries on both sides as they faded behind her and she broke into a run.

I wish I could show you

BOL_Bae Of Life

BOL: hi

Me: Yay! You finally replied after so long. What’s your excuse now?

BOL: well sorry. Been kinda tied up…

Me: Is it with your writing? Oh then I totally understand, you know…I like to flow without being interrupted too, so I mostly do typing around dawn.

BOL: I have cancer

Me: yh

Me: wait, WHAT?

Me: huh?

BOL: I love you

BOL: Wish I could show you

Me: huh?

BOL: I love you in the best way

I wish I could show you before I leave

Me: huh? Some joke huh ? [ laughing face]

Good one Guy

BOL: Nani I’m not joking

I’m serious

You know I don’t kid about stuff like that

Me: [offline]

I was trembling so hard I dropped the phone on the floor. I dropped on my knees to pick the battery. I couldn’t see anything because tears blurred my vision. Stupid girl I told myself. I tried fruitlessly to wipe the tears that just kept coming.

I gave up and buried my face in my palms and wept silently. I don’t know how long I sat on the library floor frozen with so much fear. A finger tapped my shoulder. My phone was shoved into my face as I rose to look who had interrupted my dilemma.

“Miss the library is about to close”

The young assistant smiled uneasily. I didn’t offer the usual smile but snatched my phone, packed up and left. I stopped outside on stairs as the cold wind blew on my tearstained face. I turned to look at my reflection in the mirror. Wow.

I looked miserable.

“What a pity”.

I don’t know how but found myself walking in the direction towards my apartment while dialing Guy’s number. He picked on the first ring.

“Are you ok?”

I rolled my eyes in response. He’s the one dying but asking if I am alright, so typical of him.

“Are you rolling your eyes?”

I didn’t answer.

The line crackled as he sighed heavily, “I knew I shouldn’t have told you.”

My eyes widened.

Haven 2 <>

So tell us about yourself

I am a graduate of the National University but you already know that from my resumé. So, I’d like to kindly ask what exactly you’d like know.

It seems like a bold move since you are one in the interview seatfor a job.

Amy nodded and pulled a smile. She really was here to mess the interview up on purpose and it seemed to be working.

The HR lady frowned at her disapprovingly.

Well I would like to know why you spent a year as an African Union Volunteer.
She turned to look at the MD who had asked the question and was smiling at her encouragingly.

Well, it looks to many as a waste of time but I cannot perceive how Africans know so little about their neighbors. I wanted to able to see and learn for myself from countries on this continent. I am glad to say I did. I saw countless opportunities and took hold of them.

A beeper went of to signal the end of the interview and the HR lady quickly cut in.

Thank you. That’d be all.

Amy got up and walked out confident she had wrecked the interview, just like she wanted to.

Imagine her surprise when she was called back and hired.

Oh Lord! Why?

She quickly rushed to leave the building not before she met Devon waiting for her. She grimaced.

Hey! Congrats I heard you got in. I knew you could do it.


She looked around, hoping she wouldn’t be seen.

Celebratory dinner? I already told your parents-

Wait, you did what?

Yh. I called your mum and dad to tell them you got the job and that now I get to work with my favorite cousin.

Amy couldn’t believe her what she was hearing. This was bad. That means she couldn’t turn down the job.

Devon, why would do you do that? I’m not taking the job! I have to go.

Wait what?

She rushed into the elevator as it opened and quickly pressed the ground floor button as scowled at Devon’s confused expression as the doors closed.

Then the perfume hit her nose and she glanced suspiciously at the reflective walls of the lift.

Her heart caught her throat.

Hello Amy.

*picture: Eagle floor mats